Monday, April 21, 2008

So - Now It's April

They say that April showers bring May flowers... How about March showers bring April flowers? That's what's happening in Connecticut. The birds that are usually arriving in May or June are here now. I love watching them. I have 5 birdfeeders and a birdhouse right outside my dining room doors and the cats and I enjoy watching the birds together often. However, this past week, crows came... yup, big, black crows. I was NOT pleased. I put a scarecrow out - and the crows ignored it, but the other birds didn't come to the feeders. So - the scarecrow came down. Now when I see crows at the feeders, I take my cane and hobble outside and wave my cane at the crows wildly... it must be amusing to my neighbors.

I love being a Senior Wordsmith Designer at www. It is the nicest, friendliest and most wonderful scrapping website I have found, and I sure looked at a few along the way. I feel cared about and welcomed when I'm there. It is full of wonderful inspiration and very, very talented ladies. It is progressing from a physical store to a hybrid/digital store... and I'm excited to be part of it.

Not much else new in my little world. I did get to see my oldest son, Greg last weekend. He lives in New Hampshire with his lovely girlfriend, Jill (or Ruby, which is her middle name). I don't get to see them often, but he came down to see a friend and go to dinner with his dad, and he had a little time between - so I got a visit. I got to give him his birthday gift (bd is 2/25). I was happy that he liked it! It was wonderful to see him again. I miss him very much!

Matt (my youngest son) is working on his book. It's a really good book. I have been reading it as he's writing and I'm really into it. I love Stephen King and this book has some of that type of writing, and some unique writing of Matt's own... he's quite talented. His words paint vivid pictures in my head - which I love. That's what my favorite books do. He's struggling at the moment, as I believe all authors do. He's writing a chapter he's just not happy with, but he'll get it figured out. I can't wait to read the next part!!

As far as me... well... Maybe I should write some. Or perhaps, I should enter politics. Both intrigue me. We'll have to see what plays out. I do need to become more vocal in many parts of my life. So that is my challenge for this month. Become vocal... express myself - in one way or another. I pray for all people who are sick or poor or homeless every night. Please pray with me.

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  1. ! I didn't realize you has a Blog. I'll make sure and read it and put it on my blog!!